Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Please see the most recent information on the work of the OH&S Committee work during COVID-19 crisis.


Important reminders for those working during COVID-19

  1. Ask for safety orientation where you work (if not already given). Speak with the supervisor.
  2. EFAP (Employee & Family Assistance Program) is available as a resource.
  3. Remember to take proper breaks.
  4. Remember to clean the surfaces. Ask where the cleaning supplies are kept.
  5. Remember to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if needed.


Health and Safety Resources during COVID-19



Yoga Exercises: Video 1     Video 2







This joint union/management committee meets monthly to discuss relevant issues.

Union Members

Catherine Chan; SE Area Rep
Peter DeGroot; NW Area Rep
Wendy Fletcher; Co-Chair
Raili Haapalainen
Alina Kanios
Aili Meutzner
Inder Pannu; SW Area Rep
Holly Thorbes; NE Area Rep


Ginny Landry
Audrey Wang
Stanley Wong

MPL OH&S Committee:
Holly Thorbes
Jonna Milledge (Alternate)

TSN OH&S Committee:
Karen Tam
Desiree Baron (Pauline Preston, Acting Branch Head)

Library Management Team Representatives

Dave Coggles
Dave King
Julia Morrison
Becki Wong
Nathan Kung

Minutes are posted on the VPL Hub.