National Day of Mourning on Wednesday April 28th

National Day of Mourning on Wednesday April 28th

Please join your CUPE 391 Occupational Health & Safety Committee,
and workers in over 100 countries, to collectively remember and commemorate
workers who have suffered work-related disability, disease, infection, and death.

Image courtesy of BC Federation of Labour
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The theme for the annual memorial this year is “Stop the pandemic at work” and we remember the frontline workers who have fallen ill and died from Covid-19.

On April 28th please take time to remember:

Attend the virtual Day of Mourning ceremony beginning at 10:30 am on April 28.

Observe a moment of silence at 11am
Share stories of workers injured and killed on the job – ensure they are not forgotten.
Update your health and safety knowledge through virtual training and webinars.

Watch this 11min video & learn history of the day: The Day of Mourning – The Untold Story
Become a champion of safety at your worksite; identify and report workplace hazards

Check out how it’s being marked around BC:

Learn more and access resources from the BC Federation of Labour here

Learn more about this year’s theme and work by the Canadian Labour Congress here


Workplace injuries and deaths are preventable, even in a pandemic.

All workers, in every sector, deserve to come home safe at the end of their shift.


During the rest of the year please make time for prevention:

Educate yourself and others about health & safety rights, responsibilities and prevention measures

Support your employer’s workplace prevention program

Insist on training that supports the identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards

Encourage local media to report on health, safety and environmental issues

Press elected officials to support stronger regulations and better enforcement of existing laws

Create monuments to promote public awareness of workplace health and safety

Demand high quality training that promotes a hazard-based approach

Become a workplace health & safety representative

Identify and report workplace hazards

Be safe and take care,

Your CUPE 391 Health & Safety Committee members