Negotiations Stalled – CUPE391 Seeks Mediation

Since December 2006, most Lower Mainland civic workers have been working without a contract. Across the region, talks have stalled as Employers and GVRD bargainers refuse to make meaningful progress.

At the VPL bargaining table we are facing the same situation. The only thing that the CUPE 391 Bargaining Committee and the Employer can seem to agree on is that negations are going no where. The Employer has said no to all of CUPE 391’s proposals and talks have come to a complete halt.

What is the Employer demanding?

  • No increase to benefits without concessions.
  • Significant changes to Sick Leave that will impair your access to your sick leave banks.
  • Removal of Technological Change protectio
  • Removal of restrictions on Sunday Hours of Work
  • To restrict Auxiliary employees who have not worked within 60 days prior to the date of   ratification access to any retroactive negotiated monetary increases (including wages).

What are some of the things CUPE 391 asked for? A new contract that includes:

  • A fair wage increase
  • Steps towards finally achieving Pay Equity
  • Improved benefits for our members and their familie
  • Rights for Part-Time and Auxiliary Staff
  • Better job security and tech change protection

The Bargaining Committee was forced to apply for mediation on June 7. It is hoped that the assistance of a neutral mediator will help get productive talks going, so a fair settlement can be achieved.

The Employer, and the mediator, need to understand that CUPE 391 members strongly support their bargaining proposals and are serious about making improvements to our collective agreement. The only way we can do this is by returning to the table with a strong strike vote.

Strike Vote Meeting
Sunday June 24 at 5:30 p.m.
Alice MacKay Room, Central Library

On June 24, Send a clear message to the Library Management that we are serious about our issues and we want to negotiate a fair collective agreement.

The Employer needs to come to the bargaining table with the intent to make progress and respect library workers and vital services we provide by negotiating fair contracts.

Questions from the membership are welcome as we explain the current state of bargaining and outstanding issues. The voting results will be tabulated, and released immediately.

For more information, please visit or contact your Bargaining Committee at