Job Action Update #1

Day 1 – What do I do?

  • Proceed to your worksite at your scheduled time.
  • If pickets are present, seek out the Picket Captain and ask the nature of the picket.
  • Call the 391 union office at 604-322-4879 and share the information given by the Picket Captain.
  • If pickets go up at your worksite after you have arrived at work, honour the picket line by leaving the worksite.
  • Your union contact, through the Job Action Committee, will notify you by phone or by e-mail of any changes to the above steps.

Study Sessions

  • CUPE 391 may call members to a Study Session
  • Study Sessions are forms of job action where information is shared at worksites.

Picket Location

  • During the first days of job action, the picket location for our local will be the Central Library.
  • Upon instruction from the Job Action Committee, branch staff should come to Central Library to get the latest information, and to join in picket duties.
  • Central Library is located at 350 West Georgia
  • Picket locations will expand to other library should the labour situation not be resolved.

Picket Shifts

  • A shift is four hours in length.
  • CUPE 391 members can do multiple shifts on the same day with approval of the local’s registrar.
  • The registrar will work with members to assign shifts.
  • Times of shifts will be determined.

Strike Pay

  • Complete details on Strike Pay are found on the info sheet: CUPE 391 Strike Pay Information (see local’s website under Bargaining Resources)
  • Strike pay is distributed based on each 4 hour shift to a maximum of $250 per week (Five shifts of four hours within seven days is required to receive the full entitlement)
  • Members need to sign in with the registrar at the picket location.
  • Members will also need to sign in at the Strike Head Quarters once per week.
  • At Strike Head Quarters, members will need to fill in the following forms:
    • Strike Pay Application – to be qualified to get pay
    • Strike Duty Report and Cheque Distribution – to get your strike pay cheque

Picket duties
The following are the primary duties that the membership can participate in:

  • Picket duty – being on the front line with picket signs
  • Picket Captain – overseeing the picket lines
  • Registration – being at the front line, making all members have signed in
  • Office Support / CUPE 391 Office – answering phones, providing clerical support
  • Transportation – moving members to various picket locations
  • Refreshment – organizing food and drink to be delivered to the picket lines
  • Carnegie – to be determined
  • Finances – working with Secretary-Treasurer and Trustees at the Strike Headquarters
  • Stand by – doing short term duties in a timely manner

Note: when assigning picket duty, Picket Captains will take into account mobility issues, child care needs and relevant details.