Day three of job action


Day three of Job Action was an incredible demonstration of our members’ strength and conviction.  The bargaining committee was overwhelmed by feelings of pride and a deep humility at the faith you put in us.

In light of this, we want to assure all of you that we are always working to get back to the table to negotiate a fair collective agreement with our employer.  We will update you as soon as there is any news to report.

Please read the latest Job Action Update (#3), posted just below this message.  It has important information about job action tomorrow and the near future. It is also available on our bargaining resources page (see right).

Please be patient with us as we continue to try and find the correct information to answer all your questions around strike pay, benefits and vacations.

Always check the blog daily.  If you believe you may not have a union contact or that your union contact does not have your current information, update yourself with Gerard Batty.  An up to date list of union contacts is available on our website under member resources.

Keep standing tall,
You’re fabulous!

Your bargaining committee.

Highlights of Job Action Update #3

Thursday July 26th was day one of our strike. Over 350 CUPE 391 members appeared on picket duty at the Central branch.


We anticipate that picketing will continue at Central on Friday July 27th from 7am until 6pm. Picketing will take place in the morning and the afternoon. When you arrive at Central remember to sign in at the registration table near the staff entrance.
Picketing shifts are four hours in length (as defined by CUPE). CUPE 391 is choosing to allow our members to do up to two four hour shifts on one day – in other words, 8 hours per day.
You are eligible to receive strike pay based on how many picketing hours you take part in within a seven day period.

Length of Picket

We anticipate that picketing will continue until a new contract has been ratified.

Picket Etiquette

There are two picketing zones at Central:
From the public entrance at Georgia and Homer to the public entrance at Robson and Homer
Between the parkade to the shipping dock on Hamilton Street
While you are in a picketing zone wear your picket sign facing out; however, when you are not in the picketing zone please flip your sign to the blank side. It is not our intention to disrupt the businesses/workplaces in Library Square or the Federal Tower.

Picketing Locations

At this time, we will be picketing at Central branch. If the strike continues into next week locations may expand to include other branches. Details of further locations will be expanded on in subsequent updates.

Media Enquiries

Any questions from the media should be directed to our Union President, Alex Youngberg (604-908-6095), our Bargaining Chair, Ed Dickson (778-840-0207), or Marya Gadison, bargaining committee member (778-840-0049).

Strike Headquarters

We will be setting up our strike headquarters on Friday July 27th. CUPE 391 membership will be advised of hours and procedures in a subsequent job action update.
As always the most up-to-date job action and bargaining information can be found on the CUPE 391 Bargaining Blog.