Job Action Update for Friday

Hi all!

Again, an amazing presence from all of you today!  If a union means strength then it seems that local 391 could move mountains!

The fomidable Mike Jackson, president of local 1004, visited the picket lines today in a show of solidarity. Thanks Mike!  And thanks also to Paul Faoro, president of local 15, for his visit yesterday, and the gift of refreshments and words of support.

Tomorrow, picketing will continue at the Central branch from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 12-4 pm.  Please speak to your Picket Captain about schueduling your picket duty.  If you have not yet reported for picket duty, please do so this weekend.

We have had a number of questions about picket duty, benefits and strike pay. Please see below some answers to your questions. For more info, please speak to a Picket Captain.

Strike headquaters are in the process of being established.  Details, such as phone numbers, etc., will be forthcoming.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a very “educational” film about Pay Equity (Thanks D’arcy!). Enjoy!

Once again, the Bargaining Committee sends you their deepest appreciation.  Never forget, you give us the power we need to make the employer listen to us.

CUPE 391 Strike Duty Facts
(July 27, 2007)

Benefits for Members on Strike: As of July 24th CUPE 391 members who participate in strike action (ie. picket duty) for 20 hours per week are eligible to receive benefit coverage (except pension).

Benefit Coverage for Members on Vacation: Yes, if have a pre-booked and approved vacation on or after July 24th and you do picket duty before and after your prescheduled vacation, CUPE 391 will cover your benefits (except pension) that are not covered by our Employer or by CUPE National during the strike action. However, to be eligible for strike pay you must complete the 20-hours of picket duty per week.

Return to Work Procedure for Members on Vacation: CUPE 391 will confirm at a later time if “a member on pre-booked and approved vacation prior to the strike should report directly to work if strike has ended before the end of their vacation.”

Strike Pay:  CUPE BC strike pay for participating CUPE 391members started on Thursday, July 27. For periods of less than one week, strike pay is prorated on a daily basis ($10 per day up to maximum of $50).

Starting Sunday, July 29, you must do 20 hours of picket duty per week between Sunday and Saturday to be eligible for strike pay and benefits.

Picket Duty Scheduling: Picket duty is scheduled in 4 hour shifts, however upon approval of the Strike Registrar and/or Picket Captain you may combine up to two (2) 4-hour shifts (for a total of 8 hours) of picket duty per day.

Picket Location: Yes, Picket Captains, in consultation with the Strike Action Committee Chair, may allow you to do their picket duty at a requested site as long as there is adequate coverage at all picketed locations. Considerations such as childcare needs, distance from home, etc. will also be considered when deciding redeployment of members for picket duty.

Receiving Strike Pay: When available, strike pay cheques can be picked up from the Strike Office at 1369 Kingsway during office hours (to be confirmed). Your Picket Captain will let you know when cheques are available to be picked up..

For more information, please speak to a CUPE 391 Picket Captain.