Pride Parade Information

Hi everyone.

This is not bargaining related, but since we do not have access to our e-mail here are some important details regarding the Pride Parade from Ross Bliss…

“2007 Pride Parade is on August 5th from Noon to 2:00.
We (CUPE 391) are entry #31.
Our mustering point is in front of Capers on Robson.
You will need to enter the marshalling area from the east end at Robson and Nicola.
Please be there by 11:30.

This year’s theme is a take off on the Village People – extended to all “VPL People”, to celebrate that we embrace and serve a wide diversity of patrons. So if you can put together any costume representing some hypothetical VPL patron that’s great, but you are welcome to march in any attire.  So far we have confirmed:

Fitness buff (Elektra still needs an exercise head band to complete her outfit)
baseball player
construction worker
Flamenco dancer
Scottish glam rock chanteuse

Available costume/props (inquire with Elektra Harris) include:

chef’s hat

police conductor hat

belly dancing skirt (simple one)

a small tutu