Job Action Update #10

Weekly Job Action Record

Please continue to submit your weekly Job Action Record to your picket captain. Please hand in your completed Job Action Record when you have completed your weekly picketing duties. Your weekly record should not be handed-in in advance.

Daily Sign-In Sheet

Please continue to sign in and sign out every day. To assist the financial officers print your name clearly beside your signature.


The CUPE 391 hardship committee met for the first time on Wed. August 8th. The first order of business is to make sure that there is sufficient food for our members to this end we are establishing a 391 food bank. The hardship committee will continue to address the needs of our members in a confidential manner. Picket captains have been given a copy of their first update and it has been posted on our blog.

Friday Finances

On Friday August 10th the first strike pay will be coming out. Financial officers will be visiting each picket site to distribute cheques. Members will be asked in advance to sign-up to indicate where they will be picketing on Friday. If you would like to pick up your cheque from the Union Office, we will hold them for those preferring to pick up their cheques there. Note: There will be no cheques at Strike Headquarters due to location and security reasons. Cheques will be held at the Union Office for those who are currently on vacation.

The amount of the cheques is based on the amount of picket time done between July 26th and August 4th 2007. Each shift during that time period will be paid $10 by CUPE BC. Members who had put in sufficient shifts prior to August 4th will also be compensated $40 per day from CUPE National to a maximum of three days. CUPE National will also contribute money covering the first week of job action when the strike ends. The maximum size of cheque for this Strike Pay Period will be $200. Consideration was given for extenuating circumstances as noted on the weekly Job Action Record.

Due to CUPE National guidelines, members must pick up their own cheques and sign the CUPE National Form G “Strike Duty Report and Cheque Distribution” at the time of cheque pick-up (picket captains will have this form). In addition, please bring current ID with you for cheque pick-up.


Friday August 10th also is a VPL payday. Members will receive pay cheques covering the period between Friday July 20th and Wednesday July 25th prior to our strike. Pay will come through its normal means of automatic deposit or by cheque that can be picked up at the Registration Desk at Central.

CUPE Rally

There will be a rally at City Hall on Friday August 10th from noon until 2pm. This rally is for members of CUPE 391, CUPE 15 and CUPE 1004. Hot dogs and beverages will be provided by your union. Attending the rally will count as time on the picket line.

Job Action Coordinator

Peter DeGroot will be away Friday August 10th – Monday August 13th. In his absence, D’Arcy Stainton and Randy Gatley will be acting Job Action Coordinators.