Job Action Update #14

Strike Pay Distribution:

* Strike Pay is issued every two weeks
* On pay day only (Friday August 24 and every second Friday following) cheques are available exclusively at Central Library (350 West Georgia)
* Cheques not picked up on payday can be picked up at the Union Office (545 West 10th Ave.) The Office is open Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
* Efforts will be made to shuttle members to Central or Union Office to pick up their cheques.
* Cheques must be signed for, so only members can pick up their own cheque.
* Please bring a piece of ID with you when picking up your cheque.

Strike Pay Questions

* If there is a discrepancy in your strike pay, or you have questions about your strike pay, please write the details or the question on paper.
* Return that paper to the picket captain, who will arrange for it to get to strike headquarters.
* Due to limited resources, please no phones calls or emails on this matter.

VPL Pay Advice Distribution

*same as strike pay distribution

VPL Pay Advice Questions

* If there are discrepancies showing on your pay advice, contact VPL Human Resources directly.
* Details and questions should be emailed to Loretta Chan (
* The email should include:

– Name

– Worksite

– Classification (s)

– Pay Period number

– Details of discrepancy

– Your contact info (phone or email)

* Arrangements will be made for members not having access to a home computer to send the email.

Hardship Fund Application

* Application for grants and interest free loans available at each picket location and from members of the hardship committee
* Committee members are : Craig Searle, Inder Pannu, Angela Ho, Karen Sharkey, and Gerard Batty

Hardship Donation

* Those wishing to donate to the Hardship Fund should make a cheque payable to CUPE 391, and on the memo line indicate “Hardship”
* Due to banking procedures members cannot simply sign over their strike pay back to the Hardship Fund. A separate cheque is required.

Creditor Letter

* There is a template of a letter to give to your creditors available at each picket site, and available online on the Bargaining Resources page.


* CUPE 391 was given inaccurate information about the amount of funds accessible in the second withdrawal for hardship.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.