Brilliant ideas, pitching in, and a little more on looking after ourselves

This morning I attended the Picket Captain Training-slash-Job Action Committee meeting at the Union office, so I could follow my own advice and make myself a bit more useful on the picket lines. Peter and the gang really did cover a lot more than training–the meeting also included discussions around communication, barbeques, and (most exciting of all) a look through the great ideas in the Suggestion Box. Watch for an update from Peter on which suggestions are moving forward (like a second information tent on the South plaza) and how; minutes from today’s meeting will be posted asap. Here are a couple of key points from today’s meeting (you’ll be hearing more from your picket captains):

–Yes, there will be a BBQ at Central tomorrow (Friday) from noon to two. Kerrisdale and Joe Fortes will each host BBQs on Wednesday. Join them if you can, or get involved in setting one up at your own location. (Where there isn’t really space, e.g. Mount Pleasant, a picnic is a nice option).
–Wherever possible, we’re asking that people picket (at Central) one night a week, from 4-8. Right now we have very little coverage in the evenings and also on weekends.
–And remember just what picketing is supposed to accomplish: we’re out here to be visible and to get the word out. We also all need to find the right balance of being seen with our signs and looking after ourselves, whether it means taking breaks or doing something else worthwhile (but restful) while we’re on the line.

See you tomorrow on the picket lines! I’m looking forward to visiting with lots of families, friends, and pets, at the BBQ. –J