Job Action Update #16

Your Suggestions Acted On

The Job Action Committee met on Thursday, August 23 and went through all your suggestions. Here’s how CUPE 391 is moving forward with them.

SUGGESTION: “Hands stamps for kids who come by: ‘I love my library’ or ‘I miss my library’.”
ACTION: A small committee is designing and ordering stamps for each picket site, plus some for the Flying Picket teams.

SUGGESTION: “Translation of English into Chinese for the strike information table. Reach Chinese newspaper, TV, other media.”
ACTION: We are working on translating both our handout and our web page. We will continue to draw on our bilingual members for discussion with the press. Letters to the editor, in any language, from our members is always encouraged.

SUGGESTION: “I think the information booth is better at the South Plaza as more people are passing by.”
ACTION: A second table and tent have been purchased so there will be two information booths at Central Library.

SUGGESTION: “I haven’t read a good book since all this started. Can we start a paperback exchange?”
ACTION: A box of great books is at Central Library. 391 members can bring a book to exchange, or buy one for a donation to the hardship fund. As to not undermine our strike, this exchange is not open to the public. Pending feedback, the box of books will go to the branch pickets as part of the daily run.

SUGGESTION: “Please bring the pay cheques from last pay day to Central this Friday.”
ACTION: Will do. All the financial matters are kept together. Every pay day, strike cheques, VPL pay advices, and expense cheques will be brought to Central. On non-pay days, they are available at the union office (545 West 10th Avenue, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

SUGGESTION: “A weekly schedule for runners so they know when they need to bring their cars.”
ACTION: Several members are designated drivers for the water/mail run each day. Runners are always appreciated for taking Flying Pickets out to the various branches from BRIT, CEN, KER, and KITS.  Flying Pickets are also springing up from other Eastside locations. Ask around on Fridays if interested.

SUGGESTION: “Drop pamphlets and possibly petitions at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House for the RPK patrons.”
ACTION:  Sounds good! We’ll ask a Flying Picket team to stop by that location.

SUGGESTION: “To have members poster leaflets to sign poles all over the city.”
ACTION: Sigh. Some experienced posterers said that the sign poles get covered with other posters in short order. However, it is appreciated when members take our leaflets and petitions with them off the lines after their shift for distribution. Share with family, friends, known establishments.

SUGGESTION: “Strikers need to be reminded about de-escalation skills on the picket line.”
ACTION: CUPE 391 will bring an experienced picketer to our sites to address dealing with challenging situations.

SUGGESTION: Numerous suggestions about writing messages on picket signs.
ACTION: While the majority of signs need to boldly proclaim “On Strike”, there is nothing wrong with having a few placards addressing our issues. Markers are available to decorate picket signs, or to write messages that positively inform the public about our issues.

SUGGESTION: “To have a kettle to plug in for hot water.”
ACTION: Coffee and hot water are ordered in the morning on the lines. Second orders can be made if the membership desires.

Other suggestions that have come in and are already in place include: weekly BBQs, Flying Bicycle/Vehicle Picket squads, suggestion box, renting a van, tai chi, giant sign for Grandeur on Georgia, hardship fund, handouts, petitions…

Keep those suggestions coming!