Extra: reports from Kerrisdale and the east side flying pickets

Have a quick look at the updates on the Bargaining Resources page (watch for little NEW flags)–they include the latest picket schedule info, minutes from the latest Job Action Cttee meeting, and “A list of websites featuring our struggle for pay equity.”

But my real reason for checking in on a Saturday night is to pass along some writing from fellow members. Thanks, Chris and Jon!

Chris sends along this great little report from Kerrisdale:

Our members have been very good at getting signatures on the petition – lots of support from the community in Kerrisdale.  On Friday, an eager library supporter took one of our clipboards/petitions to her regular coffee shop group (displaced from the Seniors Centre) and came back with it full!  We gave her a big hug – such a morale booster, and confirmation that citizens are still with us.

We’re excited about our upcoming barbecue on Wednesday.  And it being “Club Kerrisdale” everyone is getting involved and will be bringing lots of extras.  You’ll never go hungry at this picket!

We’re thinking of collecting the recipes from all the treats members have produced – maybe put together “The Picket Line Diet.”  We’re especially keen on the wine list – recommended cheap but drinkable. (Count me in!–J)

And from Jon, this exciting account of Wednesday’s flying pickets:

On Wednesday we organized from Collingwood and showed some pride on Kingsway.

We followed that with a parachute drop on Renfrew where we connected with Local 15 and made all sorts of friends. And disabused them of the notion that we had given up entirely on branches.

Then it was back in the van so Anne (the Maniac) Martin could test the limits of our endurance with a stint at Champlain.

We followed it up with a trip to South Hill where we coincided with the Bicycle Pickets who were showing the esprit de corps for which 391 is justly renowned.

The next day we started at Mount Pleasant, picking up a new crew and, mounting a crazy variation on Follow-the-Leader, we created Bedlam on Broadway.

Then it was off to Kensington Branch, in spite of the incessant roar of mighty trucks, the Knockouts on Knight St. (along with Zac and yours truly) met our quota of 20 honks before tearing back to the van and hitting the road for another appearance at South Hill. It was Frantic on Fraser during our stay.

The it was down the hill where we stood tall and conducted some serious cheerleading at Fraserview for Antics on Argyle.

Honking in support: I dunno–like 80,000 maybe–and serious negative responses (maybe 5–they’ve been dealt with) and some great goodwill.

More from the East Side soon.

Jon, for the East side team (Karen, Pauline, Karen, Lysanne, Anne, Cynthia, Judi, Jon, Zac)