Bikeday tomorrow

From the Bike Strike Unit:

“CUPE 391’s Bike Strike Unit are planning a big day Wednesday, September 5th.  We’re playing homage to all 21 branches closed since July 26th.  Meeting at Joe Fortes at 9:00, we’ll slap some decorations on our bikes, and head eastward, toward Central, Carnegie, Strathcona, Britannia, and Hastings.  Then southbound to Renfrew, Collingwood, Champlain, Fraserview, South Hill, and Oakridge.  We’ll hit Marpole, eat some lunch at Club Kerrisdale at 1:00, then on to Dunbar, WPG, and Kits.  Firehall, Mount Pleasant, Riley Park, and Kensington complete the circuit.  We’ll then stop for some congratulatory refreshments at the Cedar Cottage Pub!

A very rudimentary map of the route drawn on estimated the total distance as a full marathon, or 41.8 km.  Can’t avoid hills on this route, so pump up your tires and eat lots of carbs for breakfast!

We’re not planning to stop for long at the branches: just enough time for some high-fives and to place some kind of “CUPE 391 was here” sticker.  Of course, we’ll stop for a chat and some sign waving where pickets are set up.  We’ll also pass a hat around for donations to the hardship fund.

Rain or shine.  Everybody is welcome, for all or part of the ride. Bring your staff badge (to be explained later.)We’re working on a communication system set up with the Britannia picket, so you can meet us en route. Or, just meet us at the pub–at roughly 4:30.  Southeast corner of Kingsway and Clark, just west of Knight.

Looking forward to seeing you all, whether you’re on the bikes, at the pickets, or in the pub!”