Job Action Update #19

Job Action Committee Meeting
Thursday morning from 9am to 11am at the Union Office. Picket Captains, Registrars and anyone wanting to be involved are encouraged to attend.

Champlain Picket Schedule
Champlain Branch is having pickets Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

Black and White Day
This Friday all 391 members are asked to wear black and white on the lines. We’ll be promoting our website to the public on Friday. Why these colours? Our issues are straightforward – black and white.

Dance / Fundraiser this Saturday
Please promote this gala event to all your family and friends. Maritime Labour Centre from 8pm. Incredible lineup of musicians. Posters and flyers available at all picket sites to distribute in your community. Handbills of the poster can be downloaded from the Bargaining Resources page.

Lost and Found
Due to space limitations, lost and found items will be kept only for one week. Please take a look in the box at Central to claim your belongings (we’re looking for Ellia as we have a birthday card from Sam and Brenda).

Joe Fortes, Britannia and Strathcona Pickets
These locations have slight changes in picket location due to the commencement of the school year. Joe Fortes pickets are on Denman and Haro Streets. Britannia pickets are in front of the library only. Strathcona pickets are on Keefer Street only.