“Let’s talk” in black and white

Tomorrow is going to be action packed, so get ready!

Members can start their day by picking out a wardrobe that is black & white. This is the theme for the day.

In the morning, members are encouraged to make and wear signs that will bring public attention to our website, where they can access the full picture of who we are and why we are out here walking the lines, in “black & white”.

At 11:00 AM there will be a fabulous puppet show, a fantasy tale about a farmer named Sam and how he learns to negotiate.

12.00 PM is another filling and fun BBQ.

1.00 PM Poet Laureate of the City of Vancouver George McWhirter will be speaking to the members. He is the author of Queen of the Sea : Poems, Catalan Poems, Eyes to See Otherwise.  He is also professor emeritus of the UBC Creative Writing Department where he was department head from 1983 until 1993.  On March 8, 2007, Prof. McWhirter was named the inaugural Poet Laureate of the City of Vancouver – an honourary two-year term. As a champion for poetry, language and the arts, he is tasked to create a unique artistic legacy through public readings and civic interactions.

1:30 PM–  Members will be making a human wall around the pillars of the library, then moving that wall out to the sidewalk.  This wall will then shift over to the North Plaza where, at 2:00 PM, our members will be spelling out a message to our employer and the City of Vancouver:

“Let’s Talk”

If you know anyone who works in the Federal Tower, let them know what a great photo opportunity this will be.

Finally, at 2:30 PM, everyone will be collecting on the South Plaza for “Grandeur on Georgia”, our daily “hello” to the citizens of Vancouver.

“Read-In” for literacy.

Saturday is World Literacy day.  To celebrate CUPE 391 is having another “Read-In” from 2:00 PM until 2:30 PM on the South Plaza.  Bring your favorite book and some family and friends, and sit down to enjoy the printed page in honour of literacy.

Finally, another reminder about Saturday night and the great benefit planned for our local. Details are available on our bargaining resources page (see right) and our “Splash” page.  Look for the bright green icon.