Party tomorrow, thanks from Bike Strike Brigade, and blood donation

A little more on tomorrow’s party
CUPE 15 is hosting a party tomorrow (Friday) night for CUPE 15, 391 and 1004 members at the WISE Hall (Adanac at Victoria), starting at 7:30. Our own Randy (Handful) Gatley will deejay, there will be a no-host bar, free appetizers, and admission (for members of our three locals) is free.

Bike strike brigade
Beth of the bike strike brigade has asked me to thank the wonderful folks at Kitsilano for sharing their Greek-themed barbeque Tuesday. The cyclists got a very warm welcome and the food was amazing! Yesterday the bike contingent was even larger, for the now-traditional Wednesday tour de branches. And since the group was joined by couple of members of 15 and 1004, the tour also extended past the branches to spread the word (and the joy) at the Kent works yard, Nat Bailey stadium for the farmer’s market, some community centres, and City Hall. Beth also sends a thank you to the Kerrisdale folks who put on a delicious and enormous feast yesterday–too much even for marathoning cyclists to finish off!

CUPE 15, 391, and 1004 members are also being encouraged to donate blood, another great way to build morale while helping the community (and donation time counts as picket time!). For more details, including dates and locations, see the website.