Bike Strike Route For September 26

From Beth Davies:

Wednesday’s epic bike strike brigade ride is a truly random ride. Thanks to Dawn’s suggestion, we randomly drew 16 CUPE 391, 15 & 1004 sites, then linked them in a ride of epic proportions. Here’s the route:

  • Meet at Hastings Community Centre at 9am to decorate bikes
  • Hastings Library
  • Templeton Pool
  • National Yard
  • West End Community Centre/Joe Fortes library (coffee)
  • Second Beach Pool
  • Park Board HQ (1009 Beach)
  • Kits Library
  • Kits Community Centre
  • Van Dusen gardens
  • Kerrisdale library/community centre (lunch: details to follow based on whether there’s a bbq)
  • Marpole Library
  • Sunset Nursery (51st & Main)
  • Fraserview golf course
  • Collingwood library
  • Trout lake community centre
  • Finish at 5pm for beers at Toby’s Bar & Grill (Commercial & 12th).

Non-bike-strikers welcome!

A mere 45km, according to Gmaps pedometer.