Cookin’ and videos

The Picket Line Cookbook information sheet and recipe-submission form can now be found online,  under the Bargaining Resources section (and what better bargaining resource – they say the way to a manager’s heart is through his stomach, right?)  Just scroll down…..keep scrolling….. print off the form and bring your favourite recipes to the picket line, or download and email your strike recipes to Janet or Michele.

If you’d like to hear or re-hear Naomi Klein’s message to CUPE 391, it’s on YouTube (watch for a timely cameo by Starbucks in the background!)  Search terms “Naomi Klein CUPE” will also bring it up.

And another brilliant David Philip/Sloan Garrett co-production is also featured on YouTube.  Click on the link for CUPE 391 Gold to see it.  It’s exciting, but do try to keep your shirts on.