Day 0 of Convention

Randy: Today was a light pre-conference day, with only the Library Sectoral meeting on the agenda, at 10:00 in the morning, followed by a free afternoon and then the delegates reception in the evening. At the Library Sectoral meeting, we met and mingled with some of our sisters and brothers from across the country. We discussed resolutions germane to library services, and heard updates on the strike situations affecting our local and local 410 in Victoria.

2Afterwards, we spent a few brief moments ironing out the glitches in our registration and picking up all our swag. That is, if by swag you mean several hundreds of pages of reports and resolutions we had to read through before Monday. And a nice pen…

In the evening we trooped over to the Royal York hotel to attend the Delegates’ Reception. Rocking out (well, jazzing out) with our sisters and brothers and enjoying lots of tasty cheese. Then back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before the long day lying ahead of us.