Final Strike Cheques and Special VESP Withdrawal

Hello Everyone,

For those who did not already pick up your final strike pay cheque at the distribution in the Peter Kay Room on Friday, November 02, 2007, they are now being held at our local office for pick-up.  The usual rules for strike pay pick-up still apply – you must pick-up your cheque in person and be prepared to show ID. There is someone in the office M-F this week (Nov 05-09) and Monday(Nov 12) next week from about 9-4ish each day.  It’s probably best to call ahead to be sure someone is in the office when you plan on arriving though.  If you can’t make it during these days call the office next week to see when Alex will be in.  Please keep in mind she is often in and out at meetings during the day.

As you may know special provisions were made during the strike to allow for members to make VESP withdrawals down to a balance of $100.00 instead of the usual $500.00, as well as allowing a second withdrawal for the year.  The cut-off date for these special withdrawals is November 15, 2007 and MUST be requested on the special withdrawal (2 page) forms that are still available through the CUPE391 or CUPE15 offices (same address).  For the special withdrawal to take place these completed forms also MUST arrive at the CUPE15 office BEFORE the November 15, 2007 cut-off date for batch transmission to the plan administrators.  You can send the forms to the CUPE391 office but be sure you allow enough time for the forms to get to our office.  Forms arriving late will not be considered for the special withdrawal provisions.

Steven (Secretary-Treasurer) for Alex