LAI, LAII forum December 5 & 6, COV Facilitated Sessions and Dr.Iso’s Facilitation

The Union attended November 20th Union/Management meeting.  We discussed employer and employee involvement in establishing rapprochement.  We tend, in some situations, to be responding in autopilot as the business of reestablishing public service engulfs us.  The Union is researching venues for rebuilding this damaged relationship.  We respect the City of Vancouver’s and the LMT’s
efforts in this direction and look forward to receiving feedback from the membership.
The clause “daily guarantee” in the new memorandum of agreement allows for all staff to attend six training sessions of two hours each per year.  see below

Daily Guarantee
Effective the date of ratification of the Memorandum of Agreement, the Employer and the Union agree to amend Clause 8.12(d) by replacing the words