General Meeting @ Renfrew Library, Thursday January 17, 2008; Elektra: Vice President!

New Vice-President

Hello CUPE 391
Please welcome our new vice-president, Elektra Harris.  Thank-you, Elektra, for supporting our local.  Elektra is assuming the final months of Ed Dickson’s term as first vice-president.  She does splendid work in her role as chair of the Wellness Committee with her efforts to promote work/life balance for our members.

Ed first served on the executive in 1998.  He spear-headed the union’s successful efforts to keep our maintenance department inhouse in his first year.  Ed has had the very difficult role of working with a committee to prove that the Vancouver Public Library’ Bindery was cost-effective.  This was proven but did not manage to preserve Bindery operations.  The Board voted 6-7 to close the Bindery.  He is the supervisor of that area and has been charged with contracting out that work.  We hope Ed will be able to continue his excellent work with the Union at a future date.

General Meeting – January 17, 6 pm, Renfrew Library

Please make a special effort to attend this meeting.  The Executive needs the membership’s support so that we can pass the constitutional motions and plan for this year.

Agenda Items

Remember the survey regarding changes to the constitution?  Your answers to that survey have indicated a strong desire to change how we conduct elections, how we form some committees and a number of other contempated changes.  The membership is required to vote on these changes so that they can take place.

Pay Equity
We also need your input on or next actions for our Pay Equity campaign.  Great energy and creativity was demonstrated during the strike in support of this.  We need to examine and evaluate our progress and blaze a new trail, straight to the legislature.

Municipally Speaking
Ellen Woodsworth, former COPE councillor for the City of Vancouver, will be addressing this meeting.  Ellen is an invaluable resource in describing the local political scene.  We may pick up some tips how we might best serve our library community.

CUPE 391 General Meeting – January 17, 2008, 6.00 p.m. Renfrew Library (Renfrew and 22nd Avenue)

Food and Beverages will be served.  I will think of a door prize

Make this your New Year’s resolution:  Support your local, CUPE 391, the greatest grassroots organisers with the power to change and build strong communities.

See you there,

Alex Youngberg