Take Vancouver Budget Survey, Tell City Council Your Priorities

I am hoping you can take two minutes of your time to complete the online Citizen Budget survey that has been put together by the Think City Society.
Visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=0FQTwq8QxYVMHY49P3jy6g%3d%3d to complete this survey.

Each year, the City of Vancouver goes through a public consultation process on the annual budget. During the 2007 budget consultation process, a number of citizens, business owners and community groups raised concerns about the poor participation in the annual budgeting process. Only 242 people – less than 0.04 per cent of Vancouver’s population – completed the annual City
Choices budget survey published in local newspapers or made available in public buildings.

For the 2008 budget, Think City has taken the City Choices survey and expanded the questionnaire to provide citizens with a wider range of choices, and an opportunity to address issues the city hasn’t addressed in its survey. Think City will gather and share your city priorities with Vancouver’s mayor and councillors at the upcoming April 9 public budget

You can also volunteer to survey residents for a couple of hours in your neighbourhood, help tabulate completed Citizen Budget questionnaires, or distribute Citizen Budget literature at your workplace or organization. Visit http://thinkcity.ca/volunteer_signup to volunteer.

Lastly, please consider sending your friends and relatives to attend Think City’s March 19 Citizen Budget forum (I want CUPE 391 members to go to the General Meeting @Central, March 19, 6 pm) to discuss and deliberate the 2008 city budget. Space is limited so please register to reserve your seat. Visit http://thinkcity.ca/event_signup to register.