Employment Checks Extension and Annual General Meeting April 27th

It has now been agreed, between the Employer and the Union, that the requirement for a Criminal Record check will be extended to sixty days past the date of the final decision arising from the arbitration or any other methods of settlement pertaining to this matter.

The arbitration dates so far scheduled for the Employment Checks are June 10 and 11, 2008.  This matter may take longer to resolve then two dates.  The arbitrator is John Steeves, who recently wrote a decision for the City of Vancouver and CUPE 15 on this matter.  The City lawyer and the CUPE lawyer will be assessing profiles of library positions that have been chosen as candidates for a criminal record check.  There will be features of these positions that require working consistently with children and/or members of the public deemed vulnerable people.  The Union will be monitoring the process to make sure the profiles of positions are accurate.

Members will be required to have a criminal record check only if the arbitration or any other settlement rules that your position requires one.  The earliest date possible for this to happen will be August 10, 2008.  The arbitration would have to wind up on June 11, 2008 to make this deadline.  I am a little sceptical about an early settlement of this issue.


Please note that the Annual General Meeting and Election will be held in the evening at 5.30 p.m. in Alice McKAy Room.  This is a change from other years; the intent is to make the vote times more accessible to those working Sundays.

Please consider running for the Executive or as a Trustee.  We need fresh perspective in protecting our collective agreement and supporting the membership.  The experience will help you build community, resolve conflicts, enrich your resume and prepare you to run for civic office or apply for a library director position.

Pizza will be served.