General Meeting July 22, 2009; CRRA and more to follow

I apologise for not using the blog recently.  We have been quoted out of context on a local blog which is noted for its inaccuracies.  However, CUPE 391 will now have to report our business through our more traditional channels.  Any matters that do not belong in the public sphere will be sent through the CUPE 391 e-mail account.  We will also continue to post on the CUPE 391 bulletin boards in the worksites and occasionally use the all staff VPL address.  On this point, I will now post the next general meeting but will send meeting details through the CUPE 391 and VPL e-mail addresses.

1. General Meeting

General Meeting
July 22, 6 p.m.

You must attend this general meeting if you do nothing else of redeeming social value this summer.  We will conduct union business, with pleasure to follow.  Please read your CUPE 391 e-mail to get the annotated version of the meeting agenda.  Also, the address of my building.  We will be having the meeting in the party room in my building because A) it is a great spot for a meeting with a fantastic view, barbeque, and movie theatre and B) We want to have a party after the meeting so that we can have a show and tell: the launch of the CUPE local 391 e-mail with all its attendant wonders.  Erik and Chris have done wonderful work for our local and we need to recognise this and celebrate the results.  It should be fun.  The Farmers Almanac reports that this is a good day for a meeting, digging holes, baking, cutting hair and firewood and getting married.

CRRA – Criminal Record Review Act

The saga of the criminal record check has now ended.  The local has won two major issues through the arbitration process.  The right for all library workers (including new hires) to have the much less invasive criminal record check under the auspices of the Criminal Record Review Act now applies.  Previously the Employer was subjecting employees to the much more indepth check which included everything, even sightings of your person at protest rallies. We grieved the original attempt in Other library systems have been watching our battle with the Employer over this matter.  This ruling will probably set the bar for other libraries.

History of Employment Check Verification
I presented to the Board September 27, 2006 on the original suggested implementation of Employment Checks.  In the opinion of the Union

Police Record/Employment checks
Credit checks
Enhanced police checks

were too far-reaching and unreasonably intrusive.  The enhanced checks published every misdemeanor, including being at parties where the police appeared or public demonstrations.  These records were to be lodged in Human Resources.  The Union thought that we should have, at the most, a check under the Criminal Record Review Act.

This process has taken three years to reach a fair result.  Please call the union office if you have any questions.  604-322-4879 or e-mail

I have sent the rest of the blog entry on the CRRA arbitration as an attachment through your CUPE 391 email.  Please read your VPL email for instructions on how to retrieve it.

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