See your CUPE 391 e-mail and bulletin board for the address of the General Meeting @ 6 p.m.  The meeting is in a party room on the seawall with a grand view of False Creek.  The Fireworks are west of the building, still on the seawall.  Come one, Come all. Refreshments and pizza will be served before the meeting and after, refreshments of a different calibre will be served.  We are celebrating Chris and Erik’s brilliant work on our award winning website and our highly functional e-mail with accounts for every member.

A delegate will be elected from the floor to attend CUPE National in Montreal, October 5-9.

At our General Meeting (July 22, 2009), members of CUPE 391 will be asked to vote on a new Letter of Understanding (LOU) between CUPE391 and our Employer. This new LOU addresses the classification review appeal process at the Library. Previous to this LOU, the classification review appeal process was governed by Human Resources (HR) guidelines and a signed letter of agreement called the “Job Evaluation Appeal Committee Agreement”. These two documents described the process for appealing the decisions that came out of classification reviews (also called “job evaluations”). Due to a lack of clarity in the language of the HR guidelines and the lack of transparency around the JEAC agreement, the Classification Committee of CUPE 391 sought changes to this process in the 2007 round of bargaining. A committee was struck during bargaining to look at the language and process of classification review appeals. This letter of understanding is the result of this joint committee’s discussions.

The LOU does not contain significant modifications to the process but it does make the process easier to understand and makes it a joint agreement between the Employer and the Union rather than a process governed solely by the Employer. The LOU will be made available at the next General meeting.

Members will be asked to vote on whether or not they accept the LOU. If we vote “no”, the existing HR guidelines and JEAC letter will remain in place. If we vote “yes”, the new LOU will govern the classification review appeal process.

If you would like further information, please contact Gerard Batty, Anita Galanopoulos or Laura Safarian.
Receipted childcare will be reimbursed to allow members to attend General Meetings.