United Way and CUPE 391 – Thank You!

Once you know these statistics –how can you can never forget?

  • Almost 30% of children entering kindergarten are considered developmentally vulnerable. If left unsupported this can affect a child’s success at school and in life.
  • Children in their middle years are experiencing an increased sense of isolation and disconnection.
  • One in four seniors live in poverty and in just ten years seniors will outnumber children in many Lower Mainland communities.

For eight decades, the United Way has been helping the most vulnerable among us; they help seniors age with dignity and purpose, connect isolated immigrants and help provide a life-line to children whose parents work numerous jobs just to make ends meet.

This years United Way goals:

  • Success by 6 (school readiness for young children)
  • Helping Children 6-12 (health, happiness and resiliency for school age children)
  • Helping Seniors (Independent & engaged seniors)

When United Way funds agencies that focus on these goals, they help prevent problems, like poverty, in a way that benefits us all.

So…Why do you see all our VPL volunteers every year? With our smiling faces, chocolate treats and outstretched hands?
Because the money that funds the programmes and research and lobbying comes from you.

Because every year, we must “re-ask” those that donate by payroll deduction to consider making a pledge for the coming year.

Because every single cent and dollar counts to keep this work going.  Some of you cannot give through payroll, but we thank everyone who decides to give a little, or a lot, in a lump sum, every year.

I am very proud to have been a part of the VPL United Way campaign for 13 years. This year VPL staff reached out and gave more than ever before.  In a year where the other city departments struggled to reach last year’s giving total…our VPL staff participation started early and steadily increased all the way through the months of October and November 2010:

  • More VPL staff gave than ever before: participation up by 24%
  • Those who gave, gave more: up 3%
  • Total donations to charity: up 28%
  • Donations to UW: up 28%

This campaign is a labour of love that requires lots of volunteers and lots of time committed.

Thank you to…

Alex Youngberg, our union liaison, who did everything from participate in a Day of Caring for a UW agency, to front the costs for our hosted bar at the staff recognition event.

Anne O, Angela H, Inder, Laura S, Paul T., who worked the UW bar at the staff recognition event.

Nen, Vic and Kelvin who made wonderful chili in their “top chef” suits at the City of Vancouver United Way chili cookoff

Bronwen, Angela, Gloria, Desiree and Jinder who visited worksites and shared their enthusiasm and treats with VPL Staff.

Paul W., Ingrid VanK, Anne O, Shelagh, Susan E., Dawn, Chris M, Diana G., Ed M. and Daniela, who donated “days off with pay” as incentive prizes for staff.

Thanks to Marc-Andre, Janis P and Tracey N, who sat at our UW table at Staff Expo.

Sheila Maier, who helps me thank everyone.

Special thanks to Erik Stainsby who designed and maintains the U-WAY online auction, Dunbar and Oakridge branches for their staff support, and…to all of you, 391 members who chose to help others in our community….Thank you!!

Anne Dodington, VPL United Way Employee Campaign Chair 2010