Shop Stewards Social April 20th @ 6 pm

Shop Stewards Social
Date: April 20, 2011
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: 545 West 10th Avenue

Bookoff is provided for those who would like to attend but are working.  Tell your supervisor that the Union Executive has requested that Shop Stewards attend a meeting to become better acquainted with your role in the Union.  The Supervisor can then replace your shift (if possible) – full replacement and you get paid for attending.  When you have alerted your supervisor, please fill out the form Request for Union Leave from the Forms page then e-mail or fax (604-879-3034) to the Union office.  We sign the form and forwrd it to Human Resources.  We will feed you will, beverages too and baby-sitting is covered upon presentation of receipts.  Please come – we need your strength and knowledge to build a stronger organisation.  There is room in the CUPE 15 parking lot that evening (in the alley).  If further parking is required, we will honour parking receipts.

The 5 w’s of being a Shop Steward
Who you are
What you do
When you do it
Where you do it
Why you it
And How!

CUPE 391 wants to know:

  • who you are and what this role means to you
  • what help and information you need to support our members.
  • what education do you have for this role and what you think you need
  • where you see the role of shop steward now and where it could be
  • what you think is important, what it missing and what can be done

Please come to the social.  Meet your colleagues, socialise, learn, eat, etc., make recommendations.  Let us know if you need bookoff.  Save receipts for childcare.