CUPE 391 Elections Results

I was working the elections today on my day off and neglected to post the results of the CUPE 391 election. Mea culpa.

Thank you, CUPE 391!

Our annual general meeting had much to celebrate last night.  There are some sad moments, too, as the Executive says good-bye to Randy Gatley.  We wil miss you at Union Management meetings. We can still ask advice and support, but must respect that sometimes a period of renewal through other endeavours is a benefit to all.
CUPE 391 had the pleasure of having our Staff Representative, Meena Brisard, preside over our elections. \meena has already been helpful with grievances. She was gracious and efficient in her role last night, also.  Thank you, Meena.  We wish you much joy with the birth of your second child.

Here are the results of last night’s election:

Recording Secretary: Mike DePaoli
Four members-at-large:

Renee Chalut
Jane Curry
Laurin Shadforth
Mark Whittam

President: Alex Youngberg

Second Vice-President: Gary Jarvis was elected to a two year term.

The Secretary-Treasurer and two Vice-President positions are two year terms. Two VP positions are staggered.  Gerard is now First Vice-President. Steven continues in his second year as Secretary-Treasurer.

Our three trustees soldier on, keeping Steven accountable (not that he needs it):


Aili Muetzner was elected to a three year term as trustee.
Maureen Bubis and Todd Wong continue their terms

Our trustee positions are also 3 years each and staggered; so that currently one trustee has one year left to serve of a 3 year term, one trustee is filling two years of a position that was vacated after one year and the third trustee is beginning to fill a 3 year term.

Thank you to the talented, smart and creative people that are on our committees.  Your support keeps public service thriving as a public good.

Please become more familiar with your CUPE 391 website.  It has been winning the best website for unions over 500 members for many years.  Thank you, Eric, for our excellent and comprehensive CUPE 391 e-email service. (see, top left hand corner of web page for log in).  All members now have an address.  Union contacts should email for instructions on how to initially log in, then share the information with their respective worksites.

The Union has elected an excellent group of members to protect the collective agreement and work for the public’s interest.  You can be proud that you showed up and voted in good numbers for representation.

in solidarity