Taking Part in Our Future – Special General Meeting October 20th, Alice MacKay Room Central Library

I loathe stumping for political parties but find myself doing it every election.  Whether it is “better the devil you know” or a vote for real change, I find myself compelled to participate and I hope you do too.

We have had the worst economy to contend with in the last century, brought about by an unfettered lack of controls on capitalist ventures.  It is our pay cheques and sacrifices that has helped the bailouts.  Yet we hear from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation that unionised workers with our pension plans are further destabilizing the economy.  We use our wages to pay into our pension plans and the Employer’s portion is deferred wages.  We know because they have offered pensionable earnings as part of our salary in previous rounds of bargaining…

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CUPE 391

Special General Meeting

October 20, 2011: 6 p.m.
Alice MacKay Room
Central Library, VPL

Talk to your Special Guests/councillors about the State of the Union

* Door Prizes

*Food and Refreshments served

*Send childcare receipts to Union office (internal mail or fax 604-879-3034)