Code of Conduct for Members of CUPE 391 Participating in Strategic Planning Process

Members have been asking to see these guidelines posted again as Vancouver Public Library appears to be engaging CUPE Local 391 members in many strategic planning processes.  We seem to be starting another process before one is completed.  Evaluation of these processes occurs irregularly and sometimes two years later.  We are not against change, we just want to protect our jobs and public service.

Currently there is Project Management Charter for Technical Services.  This are is having its second review in two years.  There will be another review at Central shortly, for Reference Services.  The results of Haycock Report will be translated throughout the system.  These guidelines are to help members if they choose to participate or are required to participate, in any of these processes.  Without our work, there is no public service.  We support public good through our work.  Keep an eye and ear on it.

in solidarity