JULY 2012 is BIOETHIQUE month

As promised, the Wellness Committee presents their new “PRODUCT/SERVICE OF THE MONTH” program.

The Committee has been scouting out-of-the-ordinary products and services and then working with the proprietors to bring these offers to you.
The offer for July is the lovely, funky, organic Spa Bioethique.
For August, we have the Himalayan Salt Cave; the first in BC.
We hope you will take advantage of these spectacular discounts and enjoy these products/services.

If you have other suggestions for us, we’d appreciate hearing from you.

The Wellness Committee

JULY 2012 is BIOETHIQUE month

During the month of July VPL’ers will receive:
25% off a 1 hour facial with a free clay mask ($20 value)
and a free bottle (30 ml) of Tamanu Oil ($28.00 value)
Plus a $20 credit toward $60 worth of Bioéthique products to use when you go in for your facial!

Two locations:
688 East Hastings Street (Strathcona) – 604 255 4089 –spa@bioethiqueorganic.com
3578 West 4th Avenue (2 doors away from Aphroditie’s & a short hop from Banyen Books) – 604-558-2008 – spaon4th@bioethiqueorganic.com


Bioéthique is the only skin care line on the market made exclusively with certified organic first cold press extra virgin oils and primary plant extracts for truly rejuvenating results. Made in France and certified organic by Nature et Progrès, Bioéthique is the ultimate in purity and efficacy.
Bioéthique’s exquisite skin care line contains the highest quality ingredients which nurture and repair the skin for truly rejuvenating results. Embraced by both men and women, the high concentration and active properties of each selected botanical ingredient penetrates deeply into the skin – visibly firming, toning and restoring a gorgeous youthful glow and complexion.
Bioéthique’s entire line is vegan, 100% natural,third-party certified organic and contains no synthetic chemicals . This means that all of our products must pass stringent environmental standard and quality inspections to ensure that we continue to meet the Certified Organic guidelines set by Nature et Progrès, Europe’s strictest certification agency.
It is our deep conviction to deliver the finest quality skin care, while maintaining the smallest environmental footprint.

Tamanu Oil – Few, if any, skin products can rival Tamanu oil for its ability to rejuvenate and repair your skin. Tamanu oil is able to penetrate all three skin layers and its proven antimicrobial, antioxidant,and anti-inflammatory qualities also improve skin rejuvenation and repair. Tamanu oil has powerful antioxidant properties which inhibit oxidative damage to the skin, is readily absorbed by the skin, and works rapidly to eliminate fine lines. Tamanu Oil is also excellent in improving the appearance of scars, acne, rosacea and eczema.