There are such a variety of vacations: there’s the ‘a change-is-as-good-as-a-rest’ travelling vacation; the ‘just plain want to relax, stay at home and explore my own backyard’ staycation;  the skiing,  yoga or activity of your choice vacation; or if you’re lucky enough to have a cabin, or just like to camp there’s the easy get back to nature vacation.

Then there is the retreat vacation.

A retreat vacation is an option to consider.  Getting out of your own house can be relaxing because you don’t have to look at the closet that needs cleaning or that pile of unfiled papers.  Retreats can be inexpensive; you can rent a place and do your own retreat, or you can go to a place that provides space for personal retreats with the added value of having someone cook for you.  There are many places that provide a safe, relatively inexpensive place to retreat.  Here are two examples:

Hollyhock on Cortes Island
The rooms are rustic and the food is out-of-this-world delish!  They have a large garden where they grow a lot of their own food.  You can go for a personal retreat and just hang out, eat, sleep and do some yoga, or you can do classes.  It’s a bit of a chore getting there unless you spring for a seaplane, but it’s well worth the trouble.

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Another fabulous retreat that is quiet, rustic and inexpensive is Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon.  The food is simple vegetarian,  but nourishing.  They encourage you to take time for yourself and have lots of naps, soaks in the hot springs or sauna, or just walk in the woods.  There is yoga as well as other classes which are free.  Getting there takes time, about 12 or 13 hours of driving, but it’s well worth it.  No dishes to do, no cooking or cleaning.  Just decide when to nap & where to soak.