Tis the Season

Tis the Season for No Reason


There is a place we love to work,
We serve the public as a perk,

And when Christmas arrived it was a season to be jolly,
But Ho! Ho! Ho! to work a full day on Christmas Eve – What folly!

We must set aside and rush our plans for Christmas Eve,
What will the Union do – why we will grieve!

Tis a shame that for the City’s sake we must be consistent,
Are we not individuals? They force us to be resistant.

Alas, on Christmas Eve the library as a non-commercial space will be free,
But the Staff on the front lines will not be.

We are slaves to our major funder,
But taking this token of thanks from staff – well it’s a blunder.

In a year like this with never ending sacrifice,
On Christmas Eve afternoon we will be roving here in paradise,

To gamble on a theory of more relevance,
While we lose perks forever without evidence,

I want to go home on Christmas Eve afternoon – is that evil?
But I guess evil spelled backwards is live – and that’s all I can do with all this upheaval.
Gerard Batty
President CUPE 391