CUPE National Resolutions

Earlier this Summer,  CUPE Local 391 submitted 3 resolutions to CUPE National to hopefully be included in the resolutions package for this upcoming 50th Anniversary CUPE National Convention.

3 out of 3 made the cut as resolutions 193, 194, and 213 – resolutions 193 and 194 are the only resolutions from the entire CUPE library sector to make the package of resolutions for the convention.

Resolution 213 from CUPE 391 is about pay equity.

There are a lot of resolutions from many sectors and further lobbying will be required to make our resolutions reach the floor for debate and discussion.

CUPE Local 391 looks forward to leading the library sector provincially and nationally on issues of mutual importance to all library workers.

Resolution 193:

Continue to lobby on the importance of a professional force of Librarians and their skills, knowledge and experience as educators, facilitators, and sources of community outreach and support for urban, rural and remote communities that cannot be matched by less trained and less paid workers.

Budget cuts have made Public and Private sector libraries look to new ways to over work existing librarians or over utilize non-librarians in librarian work over the past 5 years.
Librarians are continually under pressure from other perceived cheaper solutions to their services that are technology based.
Librarians have the training in research skills, technological trends, and people interaction skills that cannot be substituted by technology, or lesser trained and lesser paid workers.
Submitted by CUPE Local 391 Vancouver Public Library Workers
Resolution 194:

Lobby the BC provincial government to restore library funding back to at least $17.8 million annually from its currently stagnant level of $14 million annually since the 2009 budget cuts and to restore the provincial budget library line separate from the general education line of the Ministry of Education.

Cuts to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology have added further pressure on Libraries, which now have to try and provide even more technological training, career and job search skills to 360 communities across the Province.
Libraries provide outreach and educational services in urban, rural and remote communities regardless of individual socio-economic status.
Supporting libraries means supporting communities and funding comes from local governments, and also must come from annual per-capita operating grants from the provincial government.
Submitted by CUPE Local 391 Vancouver Public Library Workers
Resolution 213

Lobby provincial governments without pay equity legislation, and to lobby provincial governments with pay equity legislation restricted only to the Public sector, for more comprehensive compensation based on skills, effort, responsibility, and working conditions based on equal pay for work of equal value.

Pay equity legislation recognizes wage discrimination is systemic and not an individual problem.
Pay equity combines human rights with labour and employing organizations to seek compensation solutions proactively rather than by individual complaint orientated actions.
There are no incentives for employers to provide comprehensive pay equity.
Submitted by CUPE Local 391 Vancouver Public Library Workers

Gerard Batty
CUPE 391 President