DUN Posting combined Lib Tech II/Supervisor position

Hello Members

The Exec has received numerous complaints about the recent DUN posting for a combined Lib Tech II/Branch Supervisor position. It is safe to say this is the most unpopular posting I have ever seen as President.

The Union is currently disputing the posting under clause 15.4 of our Collective Agreement. In fact we have a Step 1 meeting with the Employer on May 7th regarding this posting.

However, even if there is an ongoing dispute on the posting, this does not prevent the Employer from continuing the posting.

We know of many reasons to dispute which I will not repeat here, but rest assured the anger and outrage of the membership on this posting has been duly noted.

Perhaps the membership can also duly note their dissatisfaction regarding this “change in advancement opportunities” in the upcoming Employee Engagement Survey from the Employer forthcoming this summer.

In solidarity