Day 5 – BC Federation of Labour 2018

“Looking back, surging forward”

The final two speakers served as a stark reminder of labour activists who came before us and built the legacy we’ve inherited and furthered by our work this week.

Ken Novakowski, Chair, BC Labour Heritage Centre opened the day by talking about the important work undertaken by the Centre. Video projects, lesson plans for B.C. classrooms and work with teachers, history walking tours, oral history program, remember working peoples’ plaque projects, the virtual exhibit for Solidarity which will be on the History Museum of Canada’s website. And Publishing On the Line: A History of the BC Labour Movement, a comprehensive chronicle by Rod Mickelburgh, who shared colourful tidbits of BC Labour’s history with the delegation.

And then it was down to business, passing resolution after resolution that will inform the lobbying and organizing activities the federation will take in the next two years.

Finally, a rousing round of ‘Solidarity Forever’ and the convention concluded.

We return not just to our workplaces, but to the work of the movement and the fight to raise the rights and powers of all workers.