Labour Line

Labour Line is a quick and easy one sheet of labour related articles compiled and brought to you by CUPE 391 and distributed to our members via email. If you have any articles you would like to share with the members of CUPE 391, or have any questions or comments please contact


Counterpoint is CUPE’s national quarterly newsletter. Counterpoint has been designed to bring you news on issues important to CUPE members from a national perspective.

OTS_thumbOff the Shelf

Off the Shelf  is a union newsletter which aims to support, celebrate, enhance, and provide an outlet for the awesome culture that exists among CUPE 391ers. It is a venue for exploring the connections between our work lives, personal lives and political lives. We are a passionate community and Off the Shelf is an outward expression of that.

We are always collecting material for future issues, so please send us your ideas, essays, comics, rants, labour & library stories, jokes, recipes, puzzles, news and reviews of upcoming events, photos and art.

Off the Shelf is published bi-monthly and is distributed to every member in pdf form via their cupe email address and each worksite receives a few paper copies for their common staff spaces. Back issues can be obtained from Dana Putnam by emailing

If you would like to be involved in the production of the newsletter, email

Archive: 2003-2009

stewards_minute_thumbThe Steward’s Minute

2010 was CUPE’s year of the Steward. Inspired by hearing that information at the Weeklong School in Naramata (May 2010), Anne and Dana wanted to figure out a way to raise the union’s profile in the worksite. The Steward’s Minute was created in order to put a little bit of the union back into our staff meetings.

The information is culled from various local CUPE sources, compiled by Dana and Anne, and distributed monthly (usually mid month) to our approximately 40 shop stewards and union contacts in a hotsheet format. It is meant to be read out loud or summarized in approximately one minute at worksite staff meetings, hence the name, The Steward’s Minute.


lets_talk_cover_thumbLet’s Talk: The 2007 Bargaining Diary

The 2007 Bargaining Blog converted to epub format.

Download (412kb zip file)