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Reduced cuts’ No Win For Public Libraries (CUPE BC News Release) | BC Budget: Working Families Pay More, Get Less (CUPE BC News Release) | Employee Assistance Program (Sherry MacLeod) | Notes from a young CUPE 391 member attending their first CUPE BC Convention (Shevonne Leslie) | Report on the First CUPE Western Library Workers Conference (Hank Einarson) | Giving blood is a personal thing (Hank Einarson) | Homelessness (Keith Edwards) | A “New Delegate” at the BC Fed Convention, Nov. 2008 (Peggy Watkins)

Winter 2007/8
Strike by numbers (Peter DeGroot and friends) | Womens’ Work (Mary Duffy) | Dispatches from Branchland (Lily Gee) | Does Protest Change the Status Quo? (Jennifer Ariel Caldwell) | Winter Ball 2007 | Christmas Day at Carnegie (Beth Davies) | Paul Whitney’s annual salary for the last four years | Announcements | Farewell sister, and keep up the struggle! (Lorne MacDonald) | Hardship Hats (Poem by Mary Duffy)

Spring 2007
CUPE 391 seeks public’s help to save library bindery (CUPE BC) | Extended Health Plan-online (Peter DeGroot) | A Tribute to Rebecca Robbins (Lindi Coyne), “Rebecca’s Quilt Song” (Mary Duffy) | Muzzling workers on bindery hurts worthy causes (CUPE BC) | Stress: Strategies for change (CUPE National) | Environmenal Awareness Committee Report | Some reflections on the first ever CUPE BC Pink Triangle conference (Anne Olsen, Tara Robertson) | Book Review: “Paths to Union Revival”

Winter 2006/7
CUPE BC calls for public hearings on “secret” trade deal | Member’s Voices: “Moving on (for a while)” (Peter DeGroot) | News and Events: BC Pension Forum, International Women’s Day, Pink Triangle Conference | Health: RSI | Environmental Awareness Committee Report | Rebecca Robbins | “Babies’ Cottage” (John Donlan) | Farewell to the Library (Stephen Porsche)

Summer 2006
The Elusive Promise of Solidarity (D’Arcy Stainton) | Counterpoint to “Why Management acts the way it does…” (Ross Bliss) | Day of Mourning (Mike DePaoli) | Best of Luck in Your Retirement, Laurie Robertson | Some Thoughts on Including the Socially Excluded (Janis McKenzie) | Help! EAC is looking to expand our list of “help” | Early Library Days in Small Town Vancouver (Jennifer Haines) | Photo Caption Contest Winners | Labour Peace Forum Inspires Activists (CUPE BC News release) | Happy Retirement, Brian | Todd Wong’s Top 8 Summer Reads

Spring 2006
Why Management Acts the Way It Does (D’Arcy Stainton) | Constance Devine’s Memorial | Introduction to Integral Theory and Practise (Arthur Gillard) | Environmental Awareness Committee: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle | Bargaining 101 (Mark Whittam) | Statement on Harassment | “A Bad Day at the Bibliotheque” (Laura Houle) | Update On The Hacienda Luisita Strike (Erie Maestro) | Report Back from The World Festival of Youth and Students (Kristina Kun) | The Perks (Peter DeGroot)

Winter 2005/06
Imagining the “unthinkable” (Barry O’Neill) | Environmental Awareness Committee News: Clean Air Day Challenge Winners (Keith Edwards) | Young library workers speak out (Holman Louis) | Sweet lucid dreams are made of these… (Arthur Gillard) | The War on Christmas (Editorial) | Member’s Voices (Albertine Pham) | Letters | Upcoming Meetings

January/February 2005
391 Has Heart! (Janis Parker) | Looking back at how we looked ahead: Gibsons Workers’ bargaining, 2004-2005 (Laura Houle) | Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex are wiping away ancient boreal forests! (Keith Edwards) | Library Life in Vienna, Austria (Thomas Quigley) | The Constance Devine Scholarship Award (Judi Walker) | A few thoughts on labour negotiations… NHL style (Ed Dickson)

November/December 2004
Exposure of Secret Privatization Plan (CUPE BC) | Massacre of Strikers (CUPE BC) | Is Change Dangerous? Only if you don’t agree! (Mark Whittam) | Code Green (Keith Edwards) | R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Hank Einarson) | The Naked Truth (Arthur Gillard) | Fo’ shizzle Dizzle…I’m on the track with the big Bronx Dizzo (“Andre”)

July/August 2004
President’s Report – 2004 (Peter DeGroot) | Panel Discussion: Recruitment and Retention (Daniel Conway, Hank Einarson) | Fish Philosophy Workshop Summary 2004 | Elections 2004 | Index Liberis Prohibitorum: Index of Forbidden Books for Children | Executive Goals 2004-2005 Peter DeGroot) | “Life Was Not Meant To Be Perfect” | The Story of Mouseland as told by Tommy Douglas, 1944 | B.C. Politics (BCGEU) | So You’re Getting Ready to Retire! (Peter DeGroot) | R.S.I. (Resilient Suffering Individuals)

May/June 2004
Running for the Executive Committee (Peter DeGroot) | Rest In Peace: Corinne Sam, Mike Guy / In Memory of Corinne Sam | Sex in the library! (CUPE BC) | A Path to Poverty | Liberals Cancel Contract With Democracy (Barry O’Neill) | You Can Do Something About Sweatshops And Child Labour! (Peggy Watkins)

March/April 2004
Self-Funded Leave (Peter DeGroot) | Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru (Arthur Gillard) | CUPE joins student tuition hike protests | Don’t break our hearts, Christy! | News: Radio LabourStart, Labour Website of the Year | Recycling Reminders for Staff (Keith Edwards)

November/December 2003
The Preschool of the People (D’Arcy Stainton) | History of CUPE 391 (Peter DeGroot) | CUPE National Convention: An Election of One President, and a Tribute to Another (Ed Dickson) | Taxes (Gerard Batty) | CUPE National Convention: An Outsider’s Point of View (Elaine Dickson) | HIV/AIDS: a pandemic in Africa

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