Wednesday report: bargaining, Fridays at Central, and more

Today’s most exciting news is that our bargaining committee met with the employer again today. It’s encouraging to hear that another meeting is scheduled for Friday. Watch the blog for updates!

If you’ve been wondering about becoming a picket captain, a registrar, or a runner , tomorrow (Thursday) is your chance to learn about these important jobs. From 9 to noon there will be training on these positions as well as other ways interested members can get more involved in helping out with the job action. Come down to the union office at 545 West 10th Avenue to find out more.

Fridays at Central: From now on branch pickets will be from 9-5 Monday to Thursday only. This is to allow all members to gather at Central on Fridays for special events ranging from lunch to performances and even rallies (as needed). This Friday we’ll wheel out the BBQs for the second “Picnic on the Pickets,” from noon to two.

Today was my first day back on the Central picket lines in a couple of weeks. Wow, there’s a lot going on, starting with Peter DeGroot’s always inspiring morning crew talk, followed by “grandeur on Georgia” (our moment to get noticed en masse by the press as well as library supporters), and even a Tai Chi lesson by the multi-talented Tim Firth.

As many of us are discovering, every location is an entirely different picketing experience. Peter reminded us this morning that all members are encouraged to picket at a branch at least one day a week, and we especially need people at Colllingwood. I have to add (how maternal of me!) that self-care is also important: some sites are more tiring than others, and moving around from day to day (or even within a shift) can keep you feeling fresh and inspired.

It was also great to see some of our brothers and sisters from the Canadian Media Guild show up today with pastries and muffins and to join us on the line for a while. None of us have forgotten the time our friends at the CBC were out on strike. Thank you to the CMG!

Last of all, watch for slogan ballots at your picket location starting tomorrow. We’re going to make up buttons to give out to members of the public so that they can voice their support. What will the buttons actually say? Well, that’s up to you. Fill out one of the ballots and see if your slogan gets chosen!

Cheers and solidarity.