Update from the President–Thursday morning

We’re very pleased to be back at the table with our employer, even though their current offer falls short of the other settlements in the region. As you know, our primary issue is pay equity. Other libraries in the Lower Mainland have language around this in their new agreements. For instance the Burnaby board and union will form a joint committee to look at all their library classifications (except pages), comparing them to City of Burnaby classifications, and making use of the job evaluation plan used by Coquitlam. The contract language also includes limits about how much pay equity will cost the organisation. CUPE 391’s latest proposal is also to review the Coquitlam plan, and to implement our own play equity plan at a cost of no more than 1% of VPL’s straight-time payroll per year. For all the details, see:

For the latest on where we are with bargaining see: http://www.fairnessforcivicworkers.ca/www/news/a46c3c49334e38, or watch the main Fairness for Civic Workers page for updates.