Job Action Update #18

The Wednesday rally will be an important media event. All members are asked to attend. If you can, meet at Science World by 10:15 AM. There will be sign-in sheets available. The march will leave Science World at 10:30. There will be speakers and lunch served at City Hall.

If you wish to start your shift from Central or a branch you may. Your travel time to the rally is counted as picket duty.

Buses will be coming to Joe Fortes at 9 AM, Central at 10 AM, Britannia at 9:35 AM, and Kerrisdale at 9:20 AM to pick up 15 and 391 members. Buses will return people to these locations after the rally ends, at around 2:30.

We strongly encourage people to finish their picket shifts at Central tomorrow. However, if a group of at least four people wish to continue picketing at a branch, they may.

Come by Central on Friday for another spectacular barbecque! Thanks to everyone who is organizing this and making it happen. Thanks also to the “breakfast crew” who cooked and served breakfast on Hamilton Street this morning.

Questions about the long weekend

Pickets will run at Central only – Saturday, 9-5; Sunday, 12-4; and Monday, 12-4.

Thursday picket captain meeting

Will proceed from 9-11 at the Union Office (545 W. 10th). This counts as picket duty. All picket captains, and people interested in becoming picket captains, are encouraged to attend.

What’s happening next week?

Stay tuned! The Bargaining Committee and Job Action are discussing plans for shared worksites (specifically Britannia, Strathcona and Joe Fortes) so that we will be ready when school goes back in. If we are still on strike after the long weekend, most other pickets will continue as they have. Peter will be back on Tuesday and will resume his role of Job Action Coordinator.

Thanks, everyone! Stay strong!