Tomorrow’s rally, support from far and wide, a mysterious invoice, and reports from Bargaining Ctt

More details on getting to the rally tomorrow:

Buses will be coming to almost all the picket locations tomorrow morning to take folks to the rally. However if there isn’t one scheduled to come to your location (e.g. Champlain), or you just prefer to travel under your own steam, you can make your own way down to Science World for 10 am. We want as many people as possible at the rally, however if we have at least four people in a location who prefer (or need) to stay, we can remain at those sites too. Please see the poster for more info, and remember that our Bike Strike Brigade will be meeting at Britannia at 9 to head down to Science World en super-stylish masse.

Reports from the front lines:

from Champlain (August 27th):
We have started up the picket at Champlain again, and the first day was a great success. We had beautiful weather and 19 picketers for the morning and 6 in the afternoon. Throughout the day, we overfilled two pages of the petition, received a $40.00 Starbucks card from a sympathetic regular patron, and several Champlain staff members on the line got hugs and warm greetings from patrons who were just so happy to see their faces after all these weeks. We walked, we knitted and embroidered, we played scrabble and cards, we ate donuts and cheese bread, we sang nonsensical but melodic tunes with a small child. It was grand. See you all tomorrow!  –Dana

from Kitsilano:
Today former BC Lion (and current Taco Shack owner) Daved Benefield brought over lots of burritos for the appreciative strikers. Thank you, Daved!

from the home front:
One of our members reports that she had her Bike Strike Brigade-decorated bicycle parked in front of her house when a Terasen employee came by to disconnect the gas. (This was due to nonpayment by a previous tenant, not our library worker!) As soon as the COPE 378 member saw that he was about to take away the service of a fellow union member, he said he couldn’t do it. Now that’s solidarity!

Letter of support from brothers and sisters overseas:

We’ve been receiving letters from other unions since the job action began. Here’s one that came in today:

Cope Local 391
CUPE Local 1004
CUPE Local 391
Dear sisters and brothers
I knew about your struggle for fair contract by the Socialist
Alliance, the Committee for a Worker’s International in Canada.

I full understand your right for a real improve in your contracts,
even more when Vancouver is gain with international trade and
preparing fro Winter Olympic Games.

The widespread support to strike action gives a picture of your
determination to win this battle.

In Lisbon, City workers – including libraries, community centres
and leisure facilities, garbage and recycling, road maintenance and
repairs, and planning applications – face growing attacks on ours
wages and conditions. And we also learn the basic principle to
workers movement: Unite and Solidarity.

On those grounds, I salute your struggle and will give the need
steps to ensure the solidarity of Lisbon City workers to your

Your victory is our victory!

Venceremos! We shall win!
Francisco d’Oliveira Raposo

Lisbon City Workers Union – Information and International Officer

Important message from the Union Office:

Daniela writes:

An invoice dated Aug 27, 2007 was received at the Union Office from Central.

It has no name, etc.  except for the mention “Refill, paid by Visa” and the sum total is $104.94 for 10 pots of coffee and 2 pots of tea.

To whom does this invoice belong?

Please call the union office if you know anything about this!

And more information from the Bargaining Committee:

Members of the Bargaining Committee came around to the picket sites today to give updates and answer questions. Watch for a draft of their report tonight under Bargaining Resources. Also coming soon: the How Did We Get Here? document, which gives further background on negotiations up till now.

See you at the rally! –Janis