Man Walk, Finances and other things worth knowing

Tuesday’s Man Walk for pay equity
What a thrilling idea: females who dress like males and–wackier still–ask for the same pay the guys get! This Tuesday (October 16) CUPE 391 presents the Man Walk. Members of all genders are invited to meet at Central at 11 with their 6-figure-salary-worthy suits in preparation for a noontime march through the financial district. Alexis will be ready to paint on (optional) faux facial hair, and there will be a tent for getting changed. Bring your sign ideas too! (Ideas so far include “Now do I get pay equity?” and “Now do I get paid a decent wage?”) Don’t have a suit? Ask a brother! (And brothers are welcome to bring extra suits if they can.)

Highlights from today’s Job Action Committee Meeting
Finances: This is a subject that we all feel uncomfortable talking about, but it’s important to know that our local is financially healthy, that we are continuing to receive lots of support (including donations), and that there *are* interest-free loans available to our members. These are hard times for all of us, and supporting members on strike is exactly what union funds are all about, whether it’s buying coffee or lending money so that folks can pay the rent. Envelopes addressed to the Hardship Committee are at every picket site (marked Confidential) and we will also be including these with your strike pay next week.

Cool things to watch for: A Barter Board to come to Central where we can trade services; new handbills for the public; umbrella-decorating contests; a CUPE 391 calendar available for sale (with significant dates highlighted–suggestions welcome!); at least one Hollywood Librarian screening; the (pre-ordered) bike strike brigade t-shirts; and a Greek-themed potluck next payday Friday. Watch this blog for more details!

See you tomorrow!