The Focus Should be on Bargaining

On the afternoon before we return to the bargaining table, the Vancouver Public Library made an unfortunate decision to post a “bargaining fact sheet” on their website that includes numerous inaccurate statements. This document is designed to upset the membership and sway the public in an effort to try to derail negotiations.

It is unfortunate that the Employer decided to take this inappropriate action at this crucial time. It is not only unconstructive and misleading, but it is also disheartening and unnecessarily hurtful that they would do so when it seemed like both sides were open to working towards a final settlement.

We appreciate how upsetting this document is to our members. Needless to say, we cannot and WILL not allow this to distract us from our main focus – finding a resolution to this labour dispute.

We feel that with a few adjustments the mediator’s recommendations could form the basis of a final agreement that our members may find acceptable and therefore allow the library to reopen to the public.

Throughout this process, CUPE 391 has been consistent, honest and transparent, and will continue to be so.

We hope to find a resolution soon; however it does take two to tango.  Let’s hope the Employer is as interested in making this work as we are.