Monday’s schedule, etc

As always, please have a look at the Resources page (and scroll down to the picket schedule) to see what’s happening with the picket locations Monday. The quick summary is that we’ll be at our usual spots, except for Joe Fortes and Kerrisdale(where we won’t even have information pickets), but that we will be adding Dunbar and flying pickets will continue. As always, things may change, and we’ll try to keep the blog as up-to-date as possible.

Peter also reports that the impromptu pizza at Central today was enormously successful. Expect more surprises!

On that cheerful note, it’s hard to imagine a nicer time on the picket line than the half-hour I spent with my guitar yesterday, gazing up at a blue sky, watching some crows harrassing a circling falcon (or hawk–I don’t have my reference tools handy!), and enjoying the leaves turning orange and gold all around. I’ve been lucky enough to picket at a location where almost everyone who walks by loves the library and supports what we’re doing, where folks bring treats almost every day, and where the one time I saw someone looking at our picket line sideways it was just because he was just trying to think of the best place to set up a heater for us. Thank you to all of our supporters out there!