CUPE 391 News on Your Good Name and the Bindery

Our presentation on the Names on the Website, Name Tags issues at the Board Meeting was fairly low key as we have a grievance on the first matter.  It is in abeyance at the moment while members of the Directors Groups and members of the Grievance and Executive committees try and problem-solve it.  So far we have agreed:

  • the Privacy Act allows management to list members names, work locations and work phone numbers
  • WCB will agree to this as long as an active Violence in the Workplace program is in place
  • that an exemption process must be in place to allow members who do not wish to participate in advertising their name to opt out

Where we disagree:

  • Management has not convinced us that there is a need for this change of policy
  • Only one of our names should be advertised on the website or name tags.  The use of both names may have consequences to members safety.  CUPE 391 cannot allow the possibility of one member’s safety being threatened.
  • Directors Group feels that restrictions must be placed on the exemption process.

The Union observes that the consequence of some of these restrictions might be punitive in nature.  We believe a simple yes, I am OK with giving my first or last name and initial; no I am not.  End of statements.

The Board voted to move the discussion of this matter for the Board Human Resources meeting June 12. Board members noted that it was a Board policy that was under review and it needed their input.

CUPE 391 needs all members with histories, events or concerns to email the president at  We will add them to the information that the Board’s HR committee will need to make a decision.

If the Board’s decision does not regard members safety as a primary concern, we will take this matter to arbitration.

Please say goodbye to the Bindery tomorrow in person and with your words.  A great public service will now be become part of our history.  The members of the Bindery are still with is and need our memories and recognition of the fine work they have given to the public in supporting the publics’ collections.  See Ed’s email

A reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday June 4th, between 2 – 4 p.m. there will
a recognition event in Preparations North, lower level Central Branch.

All staff are welcome. Please stop by and enjoy some refreshments and

This will be an opportunity to recognize the the good work by Technical
Services staff in accommodating the recent changes to the work flow.

On behalf of the working group.

Ed Dickson
collections over the years.