Board Meeting May 28, 5.30 p.m. Names on the Website, Names on Identification tags

CUPE 391 will be presenting a report on the placement of members names on the VPL website and in other areas, to the Library Board Trustees on May 28th at 5.30 p.m. in the Board Room at Central Library.  Several members have brought very legitimate concerns to the Union and to Management.

  • Uttered threats from public
  • Stalking
  • Violence
  • Identity theft (unusual names)

We need your help.  Is it possible that you can speak directly to the Board and tell them your story?  We believe this would have a far greater impact than members of the Executive bringing your issues to the Board.  If you feel that you cannot not be part of a delegation, could you please send us your history/objections/reasons so that we might add them to our paper?

Because of members concerns and the changes to established policy, the Union filed a grievance. Management recognised that we needed to discuss this matter.  We have put the grievance in abeyance while we pending discussion.  The Grievance Chair and First Vice president and I met with members of the Directors Group at different times to discuss aspects of this.  We explained how the lack of communication and absence of a communications plan was very disruptive to the membership and reflected the results of the employee survey. The full implementation of the publication of members has been delayed consequently.

An exemption policy has been introduced .  The exemption process still seems to have punitive elements.  Some staff could care less; others are outraged that names on ID tags have been reintroduced as policy.  We are hoping that the Board will agree that members should be able to volunteer to allow their names on the VPL website or name tag, rather than go through an exemption procedure.  The policy may fail through the grievance process or the Board may feel that your reasons should prevail.  Please think about giving your reasons in person as part of a delegation to the Board on May 28th.  It’s about choice.

If you decide to participate, please phone 604-331-4003 or 604-331-4094 and give notice of your intentions.  Chairs need to be set up in advance.

In solidarity