LAI/LAII Transition

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Members are e-mailing us about a variety of issues re: the LAI review.  First of all, congratulations on successfully attaining the status of Library Assistant IIs.  You also learned something about the Classifications process and may volunteer your services to the Classifications Committee.

    • Some of you might be worried about direct public service.You may be eligible for an accommodation.
    • Others might be anxious about the possibility of repetitive strain injury.Shelving may not increase as that function seems to be the chief function of the Shelvers. Again, accommodations may be possible.
    • Will you receive the appropriate training? The LAI/LAII Transition Committee is determining what areas of training are required to cover the scope and variety of different worksites at VPL
    • How will bench-marking (measuring the need for LAIIs in each worksite) take place? A variety of statistics that measure location activity will be used.  The source of these statistics is being decided
    • Will the results of bench-making mean that you may have to move to another worksite. This is a possibility
    • Will the moves factor in seniority. Yes
    • How will my new seniority as an LAII be calculated?

The Full-Time LAI and LAII Lists will probably be dovetailed when merged.  And, Part-Time LAI and LAII Seniority Lists will also be merged. This is the usual process.  Please check the HR web page for the Seniority lists


  • Should I be getting my preferences in for a lateral transfer? Yes.  You should always renew your interest in lateral transfers every year regardless.  Please check the HR web page for information and forms on lateral transfers.

More good news.  If you plan a career at VPL, your pensions will now increase because you will be contributing more.  See,1252776&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL and recalculate your pension.  More later.