No Cuts to Library to BC Libraries

On September 1st, Premier Gordon Campbell’s government said they would slash grants to public libraries by 22 per cent, as part of the revised provincial budget.

These grants help pay for the provincial library network that allows all libraries in BC to share resources and provide services that community libraries could not otherwise afford. By cutting library grants by more than 1/5th there will be reduced hours, cuts in service, fewer acquisitions, fewer on-line resources and subscriptions, and reduced investment in current technology.

Please sign Think City’s “No Cuts to BC Libraries” petition right now.

Vsit the Think City website and read author Yann Martel’s support of library service. “Libraries are the memories of a literate society,” said Man Booker Prize winning author Yann Martel. “Without libraries, a literate society has no future because it can’t pass on its knowledge, or amuse its children, for that matter.”


in solidarity